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As Pak Canta, we provide services in the fields of Medical and Textile. We combined the energy of being a young company in the sector with the synergy of our expert team. We are proud to serve you with our principled working principles, our administrative structure that adapts to constantly changing market conditions, and our team that always keeps the quality at the highest level, with our understanding of reasonable prices.


Cloth bags are environmentally friendly products. Cloth bags are produced with yarns and fabrics obtained from natural plant fibers. For a greener and cleaner nature, you can choose cloth bag models. At the same time, tote bags are affordable style products with an extremely stylish and natural look.
There are two ways to print on cloth bags. These; transfer printing method and direct printing method
Cloth bag models can be obtained by using different fabric types. The most preferred of these fabric types are; raw cloth, nonwoven and canvas fabrics
Raw cloth bag is a type of cloth bag called raw cloth and made of cotton. Raw cloth is a type of 100% organic fabric. Therefore, bags made from raw cloth also contain all the properties of the fabric.
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